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Abingdon Episcopal Church, White Marsh, Gloucester county, Virginia The beautiful Abingdon Episcopal Church sponsors the Arts at Abingdon concert series, with most concerts offered for whatever free-will donation attendees care to make. The acoustics at Abingdon are wonderful, the performances are world-class, and the setting couldn't be better. Abingdon dates back to about 1650. I love the old brick, the architecture, the church grounds with its cemetery where I've seen stunning hawks and owls.

This Saturday, September 11, the Russian-American artists of the Kopelman Trio (piano, cello, violin) will perform the Glinka and Aronsky piano trios at 5 pm.

On September 27, the Daedalus Quartet (two violins, viola, cello) along with Ethan Sloane, clarinet, will perform; the program has not been announced.

Abingdon Church is in the White Marsh area of Gloucester county, right on Route 17: 4645 George Washington Memorial Highway.

There will be five more concerts this coming season, October 23, November 14, January 9, February 5 and April 10. I'll post updates as the concerts approach. Why not use those dates as inspiration for a weekend getaway? You could combine a concert with a dinner overlooking the marina at River's Inn, Gloucester Point, then come back to our comfy beds and a good night's sleep before a gourmet breakfast here at Heaven Scent.

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