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Green tea, Chai spiced, from the gift shop at Heaven Scent B&B, Chick Cove Manor, Deltaville, VA

Delicious teas for sale here! We've gotten fresh stock in, ready for our spring guests - and, not to worry, we do mail-order too.

Green chai is an exotic new offering - not just the usual chai spices, but with citrus, vanilla and rose petals as well. It's making a hit.

White tea is now available here in loose leaf, and what big, beautiful leaves they are. Our new variety is Cassis, delicately fruity and floral.

Pu Ehr bird's nests are one of two new offerings in black tea. A specialty of Yunnan province, China (long our favorite source of black tea), this is a post-fermented tea product, Little compressed cakes, individually wrapped, need to be broken up before brewing. They can be used for multiple infusions. Pu Ehr is known for being full-bodied and earthy, and it does come in different styles, but ours is very smooth, not at all bitter. This is a good tea with milk and sugar.

On the delicate side, we have a house blend of a second-flush Darjeeling. Very elegant!

Bed and breakfast guests can have a fresh mug or pot of any variety, any time. If you can't get here, see our online store. The new stock will be online mid-March: order before March 15 to get last year's prices on winter stock. We're sure tea lovers will be delighted with these products, and we're converting non-tea-drinkers as well - there's surely a flavor to suit any taste.

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