the fine print

Please read before booking. Your online reservation constitutes acceptance of our terms. I'll be glad to answer any questions - call me as late as you like.

Arrival: any time after 4 pm

Check Out: 1 pm

This is a smoke-free house.

No liquor license: BYOB


Your reservation is confirmed only when payment in full is received.

If paying by credit card (= PayPal), your reservation is recorded only when payment has been completed. If you wish to pay by check, call to complete your reservation. Having registered online will make it quicker for both of us, but of course it's not necessary. Your booking will be held for 4 mail-delivery days after we speak.

If payment has not been received, I'll try to reach you by phone and email for a 24-hour period. If I don't hear from you, I may notify you that I consider the booking abandoned, and release the room for another booking. So please keep in touch if you need to delay.

If you need to cancel your online reservation, let me know as soon as possible, by phone (voicemail or text) or by email. Contact information will be included in the confirmation you receive by email.

Refunds for cancellations may be delayed for thirty days if payment was by check. In no case will your deliberate overpayment by credit card be refunded.

Our Liability

You agree that our liability for double-booking a room will be limited to the prompt return of the full amount of any payment you have made. You can expect to hear from me within 12 hours (from the time you leave the site) if there is any problem.

The property will be on the market this summer and fall, but will be in operation. When sold, reservations more than 30 days out may have to be cancelled and refunded; in such a case, I'll make my best efforts to help you find other accommodation, if you wish. In no case will your reservation be cancelled with less than 30 days' notice. FWIW I will not be surprised to be here all next season as well.

Yellow roses from our garden, in Wedgwood pot

Pet Policies

You are responsible for your pet(s) at all times.

This implies keeping your pets out of the kitchen, and being responsible about letting your pet out as often as needed to avoid indoor accidents.

You cannot leave a pet tied up outside. This is unfenced countryside with no leash law, so a tied animal is vulnerable.

Dogs, and any cat that goes outdoors, should have flea/tick protection. Do not bring a pet with an active flea infestation! Your pet should be current with vaccinations.

If your pet sleeps with you, please tell me in advance, and I will make the bed accordingly - rather than charge a damage deposit. Pet beds are available.

I will supply all the pet towels you need. Please do not use guest towels for a pet.

Bring as much food and treats as you will need for your stay if you use premium brands, as local supplies are limited. I can supply bowls for food and water.

There is a designated area for pet relief, where you do not have to pick up after your pet. Elsewhere, please do pick up. Bags are available at the front desk.

You should be ready to keep your cat in a carrier when not in your room. It may be possible to have your cat enjoy the screened porch freely, but that will depend upon the other guests and pets. Since cat allergies are common, cats should not be with you in the living room.

Pet fees: $25 per stay (not per night) for one or two pets, dogs or cats. 5.3% tax applies to all charges. If you need to bring more than two pets, it will probably be fine, but discuss it with me first: call 804 832-6200 preferably between 11 am and midnight.

There are nearby pet-sitters and kennels. I will gladly help with any arrangements needed. If you know in advance that you'll need daytime pet care, I can try to arrange to stay home and take care of your pet(s) for a small fee.

Extensive grounds for dog walking: 10 acres!


Breakfast is on your schedule

I try to have all guests agree on a time, but accept that it's not always possible. Generally, I think that any time between 7:30 am and noon is reasonable. But if you have an early departure, I'll make breakfast in time for you to enjoy it.

Breakfast will be one common menu for all, agreed the night before, except for cases of special needs.

Please tell me of any food allergies! I'm glad to hear about your preferences, too. Do you enjoy homemade scones and treats, or do you avoid carbs, follow a low-glycemic-index or gluten-free diet? If I know what you enjoy, I'll plan accordingly.


Check-in begins at 4 pm. Please let me know your intended arrival time, and update me if it changes by more than two hours.

GPS is still not always accurate about this location: it may tell you you've arrived when you're 3 miles west of me. Feel free to call as often as you need along the way. When you're here, feel free to call for help finding the entrance if you have trouble, no matter the hour.

Have to travel through the evening? You'll miss the welcome appetizers : so let me know if you'd like a bowl of soup or a dessert upon arrival.

Note that if you incur travel delays, there is no hour too late to arrive. I have received guests even after 3 am. Just keep me informed the best you can. The local highway is dark, so if you are arriving late, I will go out to flag you in.

Check Out

Nominally set at 1 pm. Late checkout is often possible Sunday through Wednesday. Whatever day it may be, if you would like to keep use of your room and bath to clean up after a day on the water, I'll try to work with your schedule.

Cancellations and Refunds

14 days' notice is required for any refund. Your deposit will be refunded minus a $40 cancellation fee per room, per night.

For cancellations within 14 days of your arrival date, if the room nights can be rebooked they will be refunded minus a $40 rebooking fee per room. If another guests switches rooms to have yours, that does not make up the loss of room nights.

You are responsible for the charges for all the nights you reserve. No refunds are made for early departures, should your plans change after arrival.

For cancellations due to circumstances beyond your control (accidents, illness, other emergencies), I will offer you substitute, consecutive nights during the same calendar year, if I have open dates that suit you.

If I cancel your reservation because of an emergency, and you choose to reschedule with me rather than accept other accommodations for your original date(s), I will add a free night to the rescheduled stay.

Any pet fee will be refunded in full if you do not bring your pet, or if you cancel your reservation. However, once you check in with a pet, the fee becomes non-refundable, even if you end up boarding the pet(s) elsewhere for part of your stay.

Mixed bouquet from our gardens


I supply terry bathrobes (come to breakfast in yours if you like!), hair dryers, shampoo & conditioner, shower gels, bar soaps, disposable razors, mouthwash, body moisturizer, even eyedrops and eyeglass cleaner. There is chilled bottled water in a dispenser in the entry hall, with glasses to take to your room or elsewhere. If you've forgotten toothpaste or toothbrush, I can supply it. If there are toiletries you've left behind, ask, chances are I can help you out. An iron and ironing board are available on request.


Coffee, tea, chilled bottled water, juices are always available. There is a Keurig machine in the entry hall. All sorts of tea can be brewed any time. No liquor license here, but you are very welcome to bring whatever alcohol you like; I'll provide glasses and ice - and a snack to munch on.

Welcome Appetizers

Offered between 5 and 6 pm on the screened porch, or the air-conditioned living room, if you prefer. Accompanied by various iced teas. It helps to know if you'll be here!


I'll always find something fresh to put in a vase in your room before you arrive. In spring there's a wealth of lilacs and peonies. In mid to late summer, you may find you have a scented herbal bouquet. If you want to arrange something more formal for a special occasion, there is a florist at Locust Hill.

Beach & Outdoor Concerts

I can offer folding chairs (just 2), beach towels, sheets or blankets, for you to take to the beach or to outdoor concerts such as those at the Deltaville Maritime Museum or in Urbanna. You can also borrow a cooler, plastic plates and stainless silverware: The Table at Wilton and J&W Seafood, both in Deltaville, have wonderful food for carry-out. J&W also has a nice selection of beer and wine. There is also some food for sale on the Deltaville Museum grounds when concerts are held.

3 miles away, small sandy beaches on the Rappahannock

Quick Points


You are welcome to have friends or family come over to visit with you here. The living room, screened porch, hall seating, and north patio offer lots of possibilities for chatting together. Please be considerate of the other guests. The screened porch is next to the Italian Room; other areas are unlikely to affect anyone else.

Your own food

If you are bringing food, please bring a cooler. You can purchase ice at any gas station or marina as well as the local grocery. If you bring leftovers back from a restaurant, I can supply a small cooler and chill blocks. Kitchen refrigerator space is too limited to make available. There is a small fridge compartment below the water dispenser in the entry hall, that you can use as you please. The Blue Room has its own small fridge with a separate freezer compartment.

No bed bugs ... Please help keep it that way.

Please place luggage on the supplied luggage racks and benches rather than the beds.

No smoking

If you must : please use the patio on the road side of the house, so that it won't be noticed at the entry or the breakfast/cocktail area. There is outdoor seating in sun or shade. Citronella candles supplied for dusk and evening.


Handicapped accessibility remains limited due to the narrow doorways inside. The front entry has a ramp, no stairs, so ground floor rooms can be reached in a wheelchair. The Sunroom Suite has grab bars everywhere for guests who might be unsteady or need to pull themselves up. The bathroom doorways are too narrow for almonst any wheelchair, but someone can walk holding bars, there are enough in place. The Italian Room's bathroom has safety bars, but the space is too tight for all but the smallest walkers.

The stairs to Rose and Blue rooms are very steep.