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Worst online shopping results ever! We ordered 8 boxes of Harry and David's usually deliciious pears to give to friends and neighbors and share with guests. Guaranteed for arrival by Christmas - December 24. Well, it is December 28 and we are still empty-handed. Such an embarrassment and a huge disappointment. Their explanation December 24? They have a new arrangement with FedEx to use SmartMail - if ever there were a misnomer. FedEx handed the boxes off to the post office somewhere in Maryland. Our mail comes out of Richmond, so there's no apparent sense to this. Given that FedEx made numerous stops here Dec. 23 and Dec. 24, we wished Harry and David had used normal, reliable FedEx delivery like other vendors. Amazon, WinterSilks, Gardeners' Supply, Duncraft - our orders placed even two days after the Harry and David order all arrived Wed-Fri, on or ahead of schedule. Called our post office today, Tuesday, December 28, and they have nothing. Pears are making no appearance these holidays, it seems.

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